AiTrades Augmented Reality Game App

The Asia spring conference in Phuket was a big success and a lot of fun and relaxation by all those attending! At the event, we launched the Ai Trades augmented reality (AR) app and we invite you to download and get in on the action!

Please download the app so you can engage with the event just completed, as well as answer Ai Trades trivia questions, and post selfies with your results in our quiz on social media.

We will be assigning prizes for random users and to the overall winner at the end of April. Currently, our winner at the end of the conference in Phuket is Aissle Banez from the Philippines.

She is using the app and sharing it with her friends and other members. Be like her and share your Ai Trades journey with the world!

Once downloaded, open the App following these instructions below. You will see a series of Augmented Reality and non-augmented reality screens on your device. Remember, it uses your phone’s camera, so be sure to look around by moving your phone while the app is running to enjoy the entire experience!



  1. If you see nothing, follow the sparkles to show you which way to move your phone
  2. At the bottom of most screens, there will be a menu system, press on these with your finger to choose your option. Click on Let’s Go! To begin! 
  3. On some screens, there is no menu system on the bottom.  Instead, find a ‘Next’ option located in the top right corner.
  4. There is one question that asks to take a selfie! Once you have taken the picture, there will be a download arrow.  Press this to download the photo to your device. (The preview in the app may be a little zoomed in, but don’t worry it will be fine on your phone and ready to post to your social media!)
  5. Follow the prompts and menu system and have fun!