AiTrades Keeps Members Informed

The latest happenings and platform updates are sent via email frequently to ensure our members are always up-to-date with the latest, official news. Last week was a busy one as we opened the upgraded platform to users to allow access and time to get reacquainted. As we continue to make progress with the platform, we hope you will watch for informative emails in the coming weeks because we’re just getting started and there are more great things on the horizon!

AiTrades Has Real ATMs, Not Just Photos!

March 16, 2019, Manilla, Philippines Have you seen the ATM picture below posted anywhere by anyone other than AiTrades? If you have…you won’t see it anymore! Because the photo and the machines it represents belong to AiTrades manufacturer, who has notified the violators that the photo is intellectual property and that the perpetrators were pretending to have resources that in fact, they do not! And the photos have been taken down! What is in the crates beside them? AiTrades ATMs on their way to Manilla! Soon, members will be able to purchase ATMs direct from their platform dashboard and enhance their business with more opportunity for success!

Is Technology Complicated? Yes…but that makes it Secure!

“Perceived simplicity…requires substantial complexity.” —Max Pucher

The whole point of blockchain is its complexity: a process of encryption virtually impossible to hack. But while blockchain makes cryptocurrency possible and reliable, AiTrades makes cryptocurrency available by simplifying the process of dealing in crypto. Nevertheless, that simplicity is supported by technology so complex that building it and sustaining it requires the genius of a team of technologists that support the AiTrades platform. And relaunching that platform (after a dramatic intervention by people who tried to steal your opportunity) takes not only talent but time.


Currently, our relaunch is on a fast-track to completion. You now are able to see your balances, new registrations and deposits can be made, new agreements can be opened, and commissions are being allocated to organizations. That is GOOD NEWS! All those functions are working! But there are more good things on the horizon…

In Process

In the process of proofing for full performance are the binary and matrix, where some of the deepest complications of processing are being resolved. Additionally, the data harvested from the old system during the transition is being reassembled, requiring re-registration of business conducted between February 2-6, 2019. These accounts are being manually restored.

The result of the ongoing development is that some of you may experience some binary tree discrepancies and/or some balance issues. The balance issues can be rectified using the raw data we have in combination with Bitcoin blockchain analysis, which we are in the process of completing.


Most Members who have accessed the platform are not experiencing any of these challenges, because we are moving very quickly to stay ahead of developmental issues becoming an issue for Members. However, that may not be a consolation to you if you are one of those who has experienced a complication in your reregistration process, or balance discrepancies.

Be assured: We are here to be certain that any frustration you experience is quickly and completely resolved!

In the meantime, we are limiting functionality to the processes the blockchain can accurately and fully support, and some may experience shortfalls. Which is why, in fairness to all members – it will not be necessary to “Run AI” this Monday, March 18th as earlier advised:

Some operations will remain suspended while all issues are resolved with the greatest of urgency.


Who Is Making Worldwide CryptoCurrency News? AiTrades!

According to the New York Times, Facebook is rumored to be planning the launch of a cryptocurrency. Forbes CryptoConfidential reports IBM has its cybersecurity team investigating blockchain. And consulting firm KPMG reports 41% of tech leaders surveyed “say that it’s likely or very likely they will implement blockchain technology” before 2021.

In short: AiTrades is on the leading edge of change when it comes to the way the world secures data and compensates commerce.

Skeptics point to the Bitcoin losses of 2018 without mentioning that Binance coin—the token native to the world’s largest bitcoin exchange—has risen by 120% this year. And Litecoin is up 84%. In a world where uncertainty defines the future, it’s good to know there are professionals and institutions committed to providing education, information, and security in the cryptocurrency space.

AiTrades Brand Designer Bitcoin Art Recognized in the Netherlands

We know you are wise and gifted and sincere and successful. Because that is how we think about all our Members. (If you doubt it, wait till you see what we are doing for you March 22-24 in Phuket!)

However, what was a happy surprise is that while we have been thinking such nice things about you, there are those in the world of cryptocurrency who have been thinking and saying very nice things about AiTrades! On a recent podcast produced by Telegraaph, Holland’s biggest newspaper, and regular webcaster, Wessel Simons, founder of Bitcoin Magazine, used art glass reproductions created for AiTrades as creative examples for the future of cryptocurrency. These gorgeous art glass representations of the Bitcoin and AiTrades logos were created by our Director of Brand Imaging, Sylvia Monique.

AiTrades Director of Communications, Coach Mark Davis, says, “I have known Sylvia for 7 years, and her work is internationally recognized; especially her work in Tiffany-style leaded glass. I think her interest in AiTrades really brought out her creative genius, both in the Bitcoin renderings and in her art representation of the AiTrades logo!”

If you’d like to see the art glass on the podcast (good luck with the Dutch!) CLICK HERE

The art glass will be on display at the AiTrades Asia Spring Conference (March 22-24, Phuket Marriott Resort).

But the more exciting “exhibition” at the Conference will be the ANNOUNCEMENTS about the FUTURE for AiTrades Members!

(Those who are able to attend the Conference will have a head start with new programs and opportunities. But those who do not attend the conference will need to rely on someone who does…because what is REVEALED at the Conference will not be announced by AiTrades for a week following the Conference, to give those who attend time to train their Membership Organizations.)