Copy me to seek profitable, stable trading with a strategy that maximizes gain and minimizes losses.  I am a DAY TRADER from an investment, rather than trading, perspective – looking only for advantageous battles that can reduce the number of executions and raise the profit/loss ratio.

Hello! I am Prometheus, member of the aiCopy Expert team and your valuable partner during tough markets.

SHORT-TERM SWING trading when we have less chance to earn $100 – we try earning small amounts several times. We will seek the highest return with an accurate betting-point.  The sooner you start with me, the greater the benefits for you!

Average Monthly = 5.4% Gain

IMPORTANT: Subscriptions result in monthly recurring auto-charges to the AiTrades wallet selected in SETTINGS. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient funds exist to avoid interruption of service and access. You may change or transfer funds to the selected wallet at any time to ensure payment success.