Effortlessly Copy Expert Traders

AiTrades- Exclusive Service

Learn while you earn.

Our AiCopyTrades™ permits you, as a crypto-investor, to automatically copy the trades of one or multiple AiTrades experts. We’ve gone the extra mile to develop proprietary custom AI trading bots that have undergone extensive use to deliver a proven track record of success. Subscribers of have no code to enter, no signals to watch, nothing to do but watch the progress while your crypto-portfolio increases with the help of professionals.

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No profit sharing

Keep Your Profits.

Simply order the service from your AiTrades Dashboard, and only pay the monthly subscription price per expert you want to follow. You can follow as few or as many expert traders as wanted to diversify your coin trading portfolio. You keep all gains realized and store securely as you see fit. We never touch your funds.

You are in the driver’s seat

100% Control of your funds.

We never receive your funds. You connect your trading account on the exchange via safe, secure API for fast and reliable trade executions. Our experts use proprietary bots to trade AiTrades funds – those trades are simply copied to your account.

You Allocate the Percentage

You set the desired percent of your exchange funds balance you want allocated to the copied trades. Coins you may trade or already have in your exchange account are not affected. You can turn live trading on or off at your sole discretion.

For Truly Effortless Trading

Leave the research, strategy, and stress to our expert traders using AiTrades exclusive proprietary trading bots. Successful trading demands a vast amount of expertise and time that few of us possess. Experts help you learn how to trade crypto by first copying their trades. What could be easier?


Our AiCopyTrades™ feature offers an incredible way for novice or experienced crypto enthusiasts to increase their bitcoin through trading. But that’s not all – for those looking to build a business dedicated to introducing AiCopyTrades to others, the ability to receive recurring monthly commissions offers truly amazing income potential.

What is required to use AiCopyTrades™:

  1. Join AiTrades
  2. Purchase a Features Package (Level #1 is FREE for a limited time)
  3. Fund your Personal Exchange Account
  4. Subscribe to copy Trading Expert(s) of choice
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Here are some of the most asked questions about our AiCopyTrades™ service. You can find out more information by emailing support.

How does it work?

Here is how the copier works: You simply select an expert or experts that you want to copy. Once subscribed, the only actions needed are to setup and enter your exchange API keys, enter allocation percentage, and ensure live trading is set to true.

Once you’ve taken care of the above, you are all set. There are no codes that you need to run or signals for you to manually input. The AiCopyTrades software will handle the trade copying automatically. When your expert(s) makes a trade, all the necessary parameters are calculated and a trade in your exchange account is executed.

In normal market conditions, a trader could execute 100+ trades per month, easily. In current market conditions, you may see an average 15+ positive closed trades/month. There is no set number of trades when copying an expert. Whenever they decide to execute a trade – you copy it. Simple.

What percent should be allocated?

The copier works based on trade percent amount. So, for example, if your expert takes a position in XYZ coin for a total of 10% of his account value and you have allocated 100% to that expert, the system will also execute a trade in your account in the amount of 10% of your account value. If you have allocated 65% of your account to that expert, then it will execute 6.5% of your account instead of 10%.

You must make sure you have enough available base currency (BTC or USDT) for your expert trades to copy in your exchange account.

How much is enough? First, you must meet the exchanges minimum order amount (approximately $10 per trade, to be safe). If your expert executes a 5% order, you must have at least $200 in your account total value (at 100% expert allocation as an example). We recommend to have $800 USD value in your account, but the decision is yours.

What are the fees?

We do not charge you any setup, maintenance, profit sharing, commissions, or transaction fees. The only fee you pay is the monthly subscription. If your subscription lapses, no more trades are copied to your exchange account. If you run out of funds in your account, then trades executed are not copied. It is that simple.

What exchanges are supported?

We currently support Binance and BitMEX – and soon will add for United States citizens. You may trade one or both exchanges by adjusting your allocations settings.

recommended amount to start?

We suggest an absolute minimum of $800 USD combined total of BTC and USDT in your account (or both accounts, if using Binance and BitMex) due to the exchange’s minimum order requirements, and to deliver optimal results. The more funds you have in your account to trade with, the less chance of missing any trades and the more benefit will be gained from compounding your own earnings. Again, 100% up to you.

Who are the experts?

We carefully select expert traders for AiTrades-Global. We get to know them as a trader and examine their trading performance over a period of time. The experts you have access to copy are the same traders used by AiTrades-Global for in-house company trading.

You can review the Bios for each expert prior to subscribing and there is a 5-day free trial. 

current coin holdings affected?

Any cryptocurrencies – other than the base currency pairs of BTC, ETH, BNB, and USDT – on the exchange that you purchase independently of the aiCopyTrades activity will be unaffected. Any coins that you have personally purchased will not be affected.

Do I earn an affiliate commission?

Yes! For each Direct or Indirect Referral that joins and subscribes to use AiCopyTrades, you earn an affiliate commission per the standard compensation plan based on your Level of participation. The exciting aspect is that commissions are paid on the monthly recurring subscription price paid. Sharing this awesome, exclusive service could easily pay for your own subscription plus turn a tidy profit!