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Our platform is released and it is AWESOME!

It is also completely new and that means you must confirm your account before entering the new system.

This confirmation has been available since Apr 2 and many have taken the necessary action. Those who have not still must do so and will not be able to reset password and enter the system until they do.

Have you confirmed?

If yes, then please click the button below to go to the platform. RESET your password to gain entry.

If you are unable to reset your password, it simply means you’ve not yet been processed into the new system – so try again later. We are processing 24/7 so please be patient. This final step in the transition will soon be complete.

Do you need to confirm?

If yes, then please click the button below to go to the confirmation site and follow the instructions. Processing occurs in the order received.

If you are unable to reset your password, it means you’re not in the system for some reason. Do not be alarmed – as support is here to help resolve all issues.





Contact Us

If you have an issue, don’t panic or get concerned, just contact us. Please know that we are here to make things right! The new platform and transition is complex, but once we clear this hurdle – the sky is the limit!


Email Change Requests
Account Corrections

Be Aware

Please note email changes and account corrections can only occur after all migration has processed. Doing so prior to completion would prevent proper referral or balance allocation. Those who requested email changes will not be able to log in until migration completes and will use the NEW email address provided.

Yoti grants instant verification in the new platform. If you cannot use Yoti, traditional KYC verification is available.

Download and set up your Yoti digital identity prior to accessing the new platform. Be ready to enjoy secure, instant verification!


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